Mark A. Marple

Down Under Theatre

In 1992 I directed two shows in the basement of the Days Inn Hotel (no longer there) in New Brunswick, New Jersey. It was right around the corner from
Marple Comics off George Street and I was paid with free parking for a year
and 50% of the ticket revenue (they kept the liquor and food). I cast the roles of Ray from "Lonestar" and Danny from "Sexual Perversity In Chicago" with a young talent named Steve Reisberg. He eventually graduated from Rutgers Mason Gross School of the Performing Arts and now teaches voiceover studies in
a studio he runs in Los Angeles. He has great comedic timing and is a fine actor.

I don't have any pictures of "Sexual Perversity In Chicago" and the one's I do of "Lonestar" are grainy but here they are. I also have a picture of my tech crew and two actors from my show adapted from a Stephen King novella, "Rage".

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