Mark A. Marple

FSU Theatre

I graduated in April of 2008 from Florida State University summa cum laude with a MFA in Theatre Management. During this time I also produced shows at the University Center Club (see tab), marketed the productions at FSU, worked the box office, produced the "First Evening of Comedy" for the not-for-profit group Ability 1st (this inagural production starred Josh Blue who had just won "Last Coming Standing") and wrote, produced and directed "The USO Tribute Show" which raised tens of thousands of dollars for the College of Music, the
School of Theatre and the FSU Circus. Here is the Highlight Reel for
"The USO Tribute Show"!

Years after graduation, I was asked to perform a new work at FSU by
Corey Womak for the New Horizons Play Festival. When I heard the brilliant actress and acting teacher Debra Hale would star as my wife, I jumped in with all four feet. It was a marvelous show! 

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