Mark A. Marple

Garvin's Laugh Inn

Garvin's Laugh Inn was located on Conn. Ave. in Washington D.C. The owner, Harry (can't remember his last name anymore), went into an agreement with me that I would produce shows and keep the ticket revenue and he would keep the two drink minimum and any Food. We both actually did fairly well. I directed three shows at Garvin's with each running about eight weeks.

My first show with a miniscule budget (I played Roy) was James McClure's "Lonestar". It was a show we had produced years ago at Cabaret Dinner
Theatre and it needed a small set and an intimate audience seating to
work well. We certainly had that. I would end up directing and producing
this show many times over the years. Due to the age,
these pictures are very grainy.

The next show I produced and directed was David Mamet's "Sexual Perversity in Chicago". It also was a late night Cabaret Dinner Theatre show on the weekends and was a big seller at Garvin's. This is what I consider what not to do and how not to act in today's society! For some reason, although I have directed this show on several occasions, I do not have any pictures or video.
Could be a subconscious thing.

A signature show for me was the musical revue "I'll Die If I Can't Live Forever". It was the first one that I produced at the Cabaret Dinner Theatre and the image of the cast from that show in silouette was my logo for M&M Productions. When I cast this show at Garvin's we had several hundred actors audition and it was televised by the Washington D.C. T.V. stations. We had a
huge and memorable turnout.

After opening night we received great reviews and one in particular spoke of how brave I was to have an inter-racial couple on stage. I wasn't brave, they were just the best actors and singers for the roles. They knocked the song
"We're Strangers Who Sleep Side by Side" out of the park. I still get a kick out of watching the video (dvd now) of the show! Here are some
grainy pictures from the production!

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