Mark A. Marple

George Street Playhouse

In the mid 1980's I walked into George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick, New Jersey. I had just moved there after my time at Merriweather Post Pavilion. I met with Eric Krebs and we talked for about an hour. Then he offered me the Marketing Director's position and I accepted it. This was the begining of a wonderful and creative period of my theatre management career. I was able to market subscriptions, group sales, playbill ad sales and I had negotiated a nice
percentage of all sales I generated (and I generated quite a bit). I had 27 McDonalds hand out bag stuffers and use tray liners with our Theatre For Young Audiences performances on them. They also delivered Happy Meals to the theatre for groups. Playbill ad sales were tremendous and record breaking and we added nearly a thousand subscribers above prior year. It was a good time to be a
L.O.R.T. Theatre.

Tony Randall and Melissa Manchester were both gracious and charming. Tony gave my date and I a ride in the limo to the reception. He was a true theatre man.

Melissa Manchester

Tony Randall

This was a good production of "Cabaret" but I was a little prejudice having performed it just a few years back with Billy Crystal and Donna McKechnie.

Always loved David Mamet!

The start of the Tuna franchise!

This was Eric Kreb's brainchild starring Laurence Luckinbill. He was very good in it and the show went on to moderate success. I remember one rehearsal sitting with his wife, Lucie Arnaz, and how down to earth she was. 

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