Mark A. Marple

Kolbe Theatre

I graduated Garfield High School in 1973 and went to Mansfield for the summer to
work at my Father's Holiday Inn. I enrolled at the University of Akron and moved back to Akron, joined Lambda Chi Alpha (Gamma 1066), worked weeknights from 11pm to 7am cleaning University Buildings (free tuition). I moved into the Lambda Chi house for a couple of semesters and did three mainstage productions. 

"No Place To Be Somebody" was a Pulitzer Prize winning play. It had strong language and adult themes and I remember my Grandmother Marple saying that I was a good actor because she couldn't picture me ever doing or saying
the things I did on stage and she didn't recognize me. She also said
I should pick a comedy or musical next.

"Johnny No Trump" was a one day wonder on Broadway. This story about a
young 16 year old who is dealing with wanting to leave school and becoming a poet against his school teacher Mother's wishes and sharing moments with his Uncle, was a good acting exercise for me.

Playing Peter van Daan in the "Diary of Anne Frank" was my final role at the University of Akron. It had a strong cast and was one of the best shows I had been in up to that time.

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