Mark A. Marple

Lily Langtry's

Lily Langtry's was located in the Sheraton Valley Forge Hotel and Convention Center in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. It was owned by Leon Altamose.
Greg Thompson was the producer of the shows that usually consisted of ice skaters, beautiful women in feathers, singers and a comedienne. I was contracted under M&M Productions to handle Sales & Marketing for the theatre.

The first thing I did was to hire an actress to play Lily Langtry. She would dress in the period costume we had designed for her, traverse the hotel lobbies and convention areas with her parasol, flirt with the guests and entice them to attend that evening's performance. Her first day I had her costume crash our weekly board meeting, sit on Leon's lap and employ her English accent. She was a smash hit!

This is not the actress but unfortunately I don't have that photo anymore.

Greg Thompson


Greg Thompson and Mistinguette are two brilliant and prolific producers of entertainment. Mistinguette was a six foot gorgeous choreographer with nails a good three inches long. Both were consumate theatre people who knew what they wanted and generally got it out of their performers. At one point I had
eleven people selling Bus Groups that brought in millions to Lily Langtrys. It was truly a pleasure working with pros like these two.

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