Mark A. Marple

Mansfield Playhouse

In 1975 I had moved from Akron to Mansfield, Ohio to work at my Father's Holiday Inn and take theatre classes at Ohio State University Mansfield campus. The Holiday Inn looked nothing like the picture above. For years I had worked summers at the Holiday Inn as a night auditor, maintenance and pool boy, midnight breakfast cook and pretty much every job you can have in a hotel. I auditioned for the role of Buddy Baker in "Come Blow Your Horn" and performed it at the Ovalwood Hall Theatre on campus. I would revive the role in Cleveland five years later with Townsend Coleman at the Greenbriar Theatre.

I also was cast in a production of "Lovers and Other Strangers" at the Mansfield Playhouse. Millie Leverton, the director, said some very nice things about me
in the program.

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