Mark A. Marple

Rutger's University

In1988 as I was in my office or taking
classes at Rutgers University and I had a rare moment to sit down and read the Bachman novels. These were novellas written under the name Richard Bachman but who really was Stephen King.

Although I enjoyed "The Running Man" which eventually became a
movie starring Arnold Schwartzenegger, my favorite of the four novellas was "Rage". It is a psychological thriller about a young man who shoots
two teachers dead and holds a classroom hostage.

During the day I marketed M&M Productions and its shows and at night I began writing the adaptation to the stage.This wasn't my first Rodeo as I had written "King Arthur's Nephew" which I adapted from John Steinbecks "The Acts of King Arthur" which he modeled off of Thomas Mallory's "le Morte d' Arthur".

My company M&M Productions had the Marketing contract with Paul Sorvino's American Stage Company in Teaneck, New Jersey. Paul had done the audio cassette for Steven King's "Thinner". I met with Paul to set up a meeting with Stephen to produce the show at American Stage Company. We set up a dinner that I was eventually to pay for with Steven's literary agent (which will go unamed for various reasons) was a No Show! It was in New York at a restaurant located near the agents apartment and the Producers for ASC, Paul and
various people attended.

When the agent was late by fifteen minutes I called his office but no answer. 
This was way before regular cell phone use. At 1/2 hour late I told everyone
to order dinner and I went next door to talk with the doorman.

The doorman, Bill, was a regular guy and we hit it off. My second trip to see him, after an hour had gone by, I brought him a Michelob. He eventually called the apartment and even went to the apartment and knocked. No show. We finished dinner and left to go back to New Jersey.

The next day I got a call from Paul and he said that Stephen King had
called him apologizing for his agent. We got the rights for the show
but only under a provisional, educational contract. Paul was cooling on the
project so I approached Rutgers University and I directed it there.

The Cast of Rage
After the show closed I was negotiating to try and take the show to Los Angeles when I got a cease and desist letter from Stephen King's agent. I thought it was odd as everyone had been so excited about the prospect of the show but then learned that Stephen was taking the book off the market and letting it go "out of print". This was due to the following:

Going out of print

The US editions of this collection and the novel Rage were allowed to go out of print by the author and publisher because of the Heath High School shooting - a school shooting incident involving Michael Carneal. The remaining three novels are still in print and are published as separate books.

Stephen King

Carneal had in his locker at the time a copy of Stephen King's novel Rage (first published in 1977 under the pseudonym Richard Bachman). After this shooting King requested his publisher to allow it to go out of print, fearing that it might inspire similar tragedies. Rage for a time continued to be available in the United Kingdom in The Bachman Books collection, although the collection now no longer contains Rage.[14] King's other Bachman novels are available in the US in separate volumes.

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